5 Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

Over winter break, I ended up having to commute an hour every day for a class I was taking and that left me with a lot of time spent in the car. In order to fill some of this time, I began listening to podcasts for the first time ever. I have begun to really enjoy them and I think they are fun to listen to if you are looking for something to do.

Here are some of the podcasts that I ended up listening to and enjoying. No matter if you are just getting into podcasts or have been listening to them for awhile, these are some great ones to check out:

1. “Hurry Slowly”

Hurry Slowly logo from podcasts on iPhone

This is a podcast series talking about different ways that you can learn to slow down in your life and actually increase your productivity and creativity. Sounds perfect—who wouldn’t want that? If you are interested in self-help type stuff, then this is a good one for you. Some recent titles include, “Walking Is The Best Way to Go Slow,” “Prioritizing Rest and Reflection” and “The Science of Sleep.”

2. “What Should I Read Next?”

What Should I Read Next logo from podcasts on itunes

This would be a great podcast for you if you a giant book nerd like me. It basically talks about all things reading-related and is pretty laid back. Some recent titles include, “Your Best Reading Year Yet”, “Reading Slumps Are The Worst”, and “The Anatomy of an Excellent Reading Experience.”

3. “The Heart of It” with Estee Lalonde

The Heart of It logo from podcasts on the iPhone

This is a podcast series that explores a different subject with a special guest for each episode. The topics of season one include travel, identity, mothers, strength, feminism, makeup, tattoos, and protests. I found this series to be very enlightening, but also very calming to listen to. There should be a season two coming out sometime soon in 2018.

4. “Happier” with Gretchen Rubin

Happier logo from podcasts on the iPhone

This is another self-help type podcast that deals with topics related to your happiness. The topics are very diverse, but all very interesting and thought-provoking. Some recent titles include, “Don’t Know What Will Happen in the Future? Try to Understand Now,” “Keep a Running List of Your Favorite Things,” “Introduce a Note of Whimsy.”

5. “The Daily”

The Daily logo from podcasts on the iPhone

This is a podcast put on by the New York Times that gives a news update in twenty minutes for five days of the week. This is a good one to listen to if you are like me and don’t have much time in college to watch the news, but still, want to keep up-to-date on things that are going on.