Book Review: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

My Rating: 4_5_StarRating

Goodreads Description:

First, there were ten – a curious assortment of strangers summoned as weekend guests to a private island off the coast of Devon. Their host, an eccentric millionaire unknown to all of them, is nowhere to be found. All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they’re unwilling to reveal – and a secret that will seal their fate. For each has been marked for murder. One by one they fall prey. Before the weekend is out, there will be none. And only the dead are above suspicion.

My Review:

This was my first Agatha Christie book and I really enjoyed it. Believe it or not, I hadn’t known who Agatha Christie was until I saw the screen adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express. The movie was very fun to watch and after learning more about Agatha, I wanted to pick up one of her books. I got this one from a Book of the Month box.

While reading this, I didn’t want to put it down. It was so gripping and I got completely wrapped up in the Who Dunnit of the story.

As you can see from the top, I gave this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only reason that this didn’t get 5 stars from me was that halfway through the book, I came up with a theory of how I wanted it to end and it ended a different way. I know what you’re thinking…not the best reason to take away half a star, but hear me out. It was basically only for personal reasons.

I’m not saying that it ended badly, the ending was quite clever, however, I was so caught up in how I wanted it to end that I was a little disappointed. I really really liked my idea for the ending and I thought it would have been even more clever. I’m not going to write what my idea actually was though because who knows…. maybe I could incorporate it into something that I write in the future…

The idea of having a bunch of strangers on a mysterious island with no idea who keeps killing them off one by one is so creative and spooky. Honestly, while reading this, my heart was pounding and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

I would definitely recommend this book to someone in a reading slump (it helped me out of mine). It was a quick read (264 pgs) and something that is hard to put down considering the constant shock factors. In fact, I think it would be really fun to read this in one sitting on a dark and rainy day (just a suggestion).


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3 thoughts on “Book Review: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie”

  1. Although I’m surprised there’s anyone who hadn’t heard of Agatha Christie, I actually think it makes your response to the book really interesting. It shows how good the book is and how skilled Christie was because you came to it without any expectations or influenced by the reputation of the author. Glad you enjoyed it. If you fancy trying more Agatha Christie, I recommend The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – that’s one her best I think.

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    1. That’s a really interesting way to think about it and I definitely agree that Christie was very skilled. Thanks for the new recommendation! It’s really helpful since she has written a lot of books. I will look into The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, thanks!

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