Top 5 Tuesday: Top 10 Favorite Side Characters

When I saw what the topic was this week for Bionic Bookworm’s Top 5 Tuesday August Topics , I got so excited! There are so many side characters that I love and I am grateful that she decided to do 10 instead of 5 (I don’t think I could narrow it down to 5). I just know that I’m probably forgetting a lot of really good characters, but here are the ones I came up with….

Luna Lovegood–Harry Potter

I love Luna so much and she is one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter. She is so kind and thoughtful and not afraid to be herself. For someone who didn’t have a lot of friends before she met the golden trio, I think it is amazing how much she seems to understand people. She always tells Harry exactly what he needs to hear and never gets angry when people are mean to her.


Hermione Granger–Harry Potter

I think this one is pretty self explanatory for most people. Hermione is such a great character… she is smart, determined, kind, and many more things. When I was little, Hermione made me feel like it was ok to love books as much as I did and to want to learn (I loved school and still do). She will always be one of my favorites.


The Weasley Twins (Fred and George)– Harry Potter

I promise you that all of my characters are not going to be from Harry Potter. Harry Potter just has some of the best side characters ever and there are a lot more characters that I love from the books that I’m not even mentioning. I had to mention the Weasley twins though because they were so fun and hilarious! I love the bond they share and how they were always having fun and pulling pranks. Fred’s fate was the hardest for me to read out of all of the other people with the same fate (I’m trying not to have spoilers, but I figure most people already know this). It broke my heart that they were separated:(


Fermin Romero de Torres–The Shadow of the Wind

There is supposed to be an accent on the “i” in his name, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that on my computer. Anyways, Fermin is from one of my favorite books of all time, The Shadow of the Wind. He has so much confidence and says the funniest things. He has no trouble saying what’s on his mind and I don’t think the book would have been quite the same without his comic relief. He is a loyal friend and would do absolutely anything to help Daniel and is one of the many reasons why you should read this book!

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Ronan Lynch–The Raven Cycle Series

I love Ronan. He is angry, tempered, and will say whatever he wants, but he would do anything to help out his friends. He is such a tortured character, especially since he has been through a lot and that is probably why I love him so much. Him and Adam together are great.


Charlotte Branwell–The Infernal Devices Series

Charlotte runs the London Institute and deals all the time with people saying that she can’t because she is a woman. I love how much of a motherly figure she is to all of the people in the Institute. I think she is one of the most honorable characters in the series. She also does something else pretty big near the end of the books, but I won’t say because of spoilers.


Finnick Odair–The Hunger Games

Finnick is one of those characters who you think is going to be a bad guy at first, but then realize later on in the story that he is actually one of the best. I really loved Finnick and I think he was just such a unique character. I loved his friendship with Katniss and his love for Annie.


Dan Needham–A Prayer for Owen Meany

Dan completely breaks the stereotype of the cruel and horrible stepparent. He is always so kind to Johnny and after Johnny loses his mother, Tabitha, Dan takes the role of being Johnny’s father figure. Even though Johnny wants to find out who his biological father is, Dan will always be his real dad. Without Dan in Johnny’s life, he would only have had his grandmother as a parental figure and that could have gotten a bit crazy.


Rudy Steiner–The Book Thief

Oh Rudy… he is so lovable. His dreams of wanting to become a sprinter like Jesse Owens in Nazi occupied Germany made me root for him so much. He was so wonderful and Liesel was lucky to have had a friend like him. It broke my heart that he would always ask Liesel for a kiss and if you have read this book, then you know what I’m talking about.



Samwise Gamgee

This one is a special request from my mother. I have never actually seen The Lord of the Rings films or read the books. I would like to watch the films, but I’m not so sure I can get into the books. However, I read the Hobbit and loved it! Anyways, to get off of this tangent…. she says that he is a very loyal friend to Frodo and just an overall really good person. He sounds like the type of friend that anyone would be lucky to have.



So what are your thoughts on my choices? Who would you have as your top 10 favorite side characters?



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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Top 10 Favorite Side Characters”

  1. Fantastic list!! I also considered Finnick and Rudy for mine, they’re so tragic. But I especially love how you chose Fermin from Shadow of the Wind, he’s super great and hilarious.

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  2. I see Harry Potter is a great common inspiration! I chose Hermione too but why did I not think about Luna? You’re right! She was so eccentrice and yet spot on 😉

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