How I’m Bringing Books to College

As a book lover, I know that it is expected of me to be taking at the bare minimum, at least a handful of my favorite books with me as I begin college. However, due to the small cramped space that I will soon be living in (a college dorm), I have decided to take a more minimalistic approach when it comes to bringing books. Listed below is what my plans are for reading in college. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for what to bring to a small dorm if you are in the same situation as me!

My Kindle

A Kindle (or any other e-reader) is the perfect thing to use if you want to carry a lot of books with you without taking up too much space. With my Kindle, I can have tons of books with me on one small device. It is definitely coming with me and is already loaded up with some titles that I am looking forward to reading!

My Laptop

This has kind of the same reasoning as to why I’m taking the Kindle (space issues and its already coming with me anyways). However, I thought I’d mention it because a lot of people probably wouldn’t think about it. I recently finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by reading a lot of it on my laptop. I have never read a book on my laptop before, but I kind of enjoyed its convenience. I definitely won’t use it to read all of my books, but I can certainly use it for some!

The Library

Since I’m not bringing a ton of books with me, I will definitely be utilizing the library for a lot of my reading. I love the convenience of reading books on a device, but I also need to have physical books to read. I love both ways of reading, however, I would never be able to sacrifice holding a book and turning the actual pages!

1 or 2 TBR Books

I figure that whatever books I am currently reading at the time of my move in will be coming with me to stay. I don’t think this is going to be too much of an issue since I can always send them home if I want. I have to be honest though… I’m sure over the course of time, I will accumulate more, but this is what I’m starting out with.

I really hope this list helps give you some ideas about how you are going to take books to college. Or if you aren’t going to college, these could be good ideas for taking a more minimalistic approach to how you store books in your home. Either way, I would love to know whether or not this helped you and what you think of my plan!



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2 thoughts on “How I’m Bringing Books to College”

  1. Man, if I had a Kindle in college it would have been a lifesaver!! The only books I had in my dorm room were my required reading. I didn’t really read anything that wasn’t required for class the entire time I was in college 😭

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