Tricks to Come Up With Writing Topics

      I definitely love to read (hence the book blog), but sometimes it can be fun to write about my own made up stories as well. I think writing is good for everyone and making it a habit can be fun and good practice for yourself. However, it can be hard if you don’t have anything to write about. I find that I’m more likely to write frequently if I have options about what I want to write about. When I have options, I enjoy writing short little stories that go off in all sorts of directions. These short stories sometimes aren’t even more than a page long, don’t have a conclusive beginning or ending, and contain many grammar mistakes that I don’t bother to fix. However, that’s okay because the important thing is that I’m getting something down on paper.  
    I personally find that the hardest part about sitting down and taking some time to write, is figuring out what the first sentence should be. If you don’t have even a vague idea about what you want to write, then how are you going to write a first sentence? If you have ever felt the same way and want to practice writing more frequently, here are some tricks to use to come up with topics….

1. Pick a random sentence from a book and make that your first line

   This is the one that I find myself using most often. Just turn to a random page in a random book, point at a sentence, and create a story from there. Depending on your sentence, you’ll probably need a lot of imagination to get your story going, but I think just having a first sentence makes it a lot easier to begin.

2. Find a stranger and write their story

    If you’re out in public, write a description about someone that you see and and use that as your first sentence. Then, continue to write a story about them.

3. Pick a location that you know well and use it’s description as a first sentence

    This one can work really well if you like coming up with ideas based on where a story takes place. If you are the type of person who can come up with settings easier than characters, then this one is for you

4. Use a line you heard as your first sentence

    This one is similar to picking a line from a book, except now you are using a line you heard someone say, you heard on the news, you heard in a song, etc.

5. Describe an object that you see and write its story

    You could write about where the object came from, how it ended up where it is now, what its past owner was like, etc.


     Once you have your first sentence/topic to write about, you can just write freely for as long as you’d like. Try not to worry about grammar or whether your story is possible. It is best if you just rapid fire write whatever comes to your head. Your best ideas can sometimes come when you aren’t worrying too much about it. I like to call this “word vomit” even though that is a less than satisfying phrase. Nonetheless, whatever you end up doing, I hope it works for you and I hope that these tricks will give you motivation to have fun writing more frequently!



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